Why Dexian

When DISYS and Signature Consultants joined forces, we didn’t just merge our strengths; we ignited a powerhouse, creating a global, billion-dollar enterprise that stands greater than the sum of its parts. And we supersized our vision too.

We want to enhance the prospects for individuals, teams, companies, communities, and society through the talent we provide and the technology we unlock.

Moreso, we want to innovate for a better tomorrow. It’s time to exchange Blue Sky Thinking shaped by the past and present for Black Sky Thinking focused on what we want from the future.


Our Secret Formula.

Why do companies and tech professionals trust Dexian to guide them to a more efficient and equitable world of work? Here are the reasons they continue to choose Dexian as their destination for staffing, IT, and workforce solutions.

Exceptional Experiences
Excellence is our north star. Our customers, consultants, employees, and partners know we will do what we say, never overpromising and always delivering results the right way.

What do you want from your future? Let’s make it happen. With Black Sky Thinking, we use proven tools and emerging tech to roadmap backwards from your future state, creating the perfect IT launchpad.

Market and Industry Knowledge
Our knowledge is rooted in real-world experience. For almost 30 years, we’ve supported workforce and career needs, applying our success formula to unique industries, verticals, and markets.

Global scale
Whatever your IT needs, our solutions can adjust. Dexian team members and consultants work around the globe, offering responsive solutions, wherever you are, now and in the future.

Do you need high touch or high volume? We can do both. Dexian offers a full platform of staffing, IT solutions, and workforce capabilities that evolve with the rapidly changing marketplace.

Diverse Perspectives
Bringing together people of varying backgrounds and experiences is key to Black Sky Thinking. As a minority owned business, we’ve learned how diverse collaboration enhances the present and the future.


Where We Thrive

  • Banking
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Mortgage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Technology

Dexian Client Experience Survey,
conducted by Yonder Data Solutions,

Would use our services again.

Are satisfied with the quality of talent and solutions we deliver.

Would recommend us to a friend or colleague.


Our Results

Largest Professional Staffing Firm (SIA)

Largest IT Staffing Firm (SIA)

Largest MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Staffing Firm

Fortune 500 Clients

Ready to overcome today’s challenges to unlock tomorrow’s capabilities? Dexian can help you reach beyond the sky.