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Why Dexian

When DISYS and Signature Consultants joined forces, we didn’t just merge our strengths; we ignited a powerhouse, creating a global, billion-dollar enterprise that stands greater than the sum of its parts. And we supersized our vision too.

We want to enhance the prospects for individuals, teams, companies, communities, and society through the talent we provide and the technology we unlock.

Moreso, we want to innovate for a better tomorrow. It’s time to exchange Blue Sky Thinking shaped by the past and present for Black Sky Thinking focused on what we want from the future.


Our Secret Formula.

Why do companies and tech professionals trust Dexian to guide them to a more efficient and equitable world of work? Here are the reasons they continue to choose Dexian as their destination for staffing, IT, and workforce solutions.

Exceptional Experiences
Excellence is our north star. Our customers, consultants, employees, and partners know we will do what we say, never overpromising and always delivering results the right way.

What do you want from your future? Let’s make it happen. With Black Sky Thinking, we use proven tools and emerging tech to roadmap backwards from your future state, creating the perfect IT launchpad.

Market and Industry Knowledge
Our knowledge is rooted in real-world experience. For almost 30 years, we’ve supported workforce and career needs, applying our success formula to unique industries, verticals, and markets.

Global scale
Whatever your IT needs, our solutions can adjust. Dexian team members and consultants work around the globe, offering responsive solutions, wherever you are, now and in the future.

Do you need high touch or high volume? We can do both. Dexian offers a full platform of staffing, IT solutions, and workforce capabilities that evolve with the rapidly changing marketplace.

Diverse Perspectives
Bringing together people of varying backgrounds and experiences is key to Black Sky Thinking. As a minority owned business, we’ve learned how diverse collaboration enhances the present and the future.


Where We Thrive

  • Banking
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Mortgage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Technology

Dexian Client Experience Survey,
conducted by Yonder Data Solutions,

Would use our services again.

Are satisfied with the quality of talent and solutions we deliver.

Would recommend us to a friend or colleague.


Our Results

Largest Professional Staffing Firm (SIA)

Largest IT Staffing Firm (SIA)

Largest MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Staffing Firm

Fortune 500 Clients

Frequently Asked Staffing Questions

Why should I work with Dexian versus another staffing and recruiting agency?

By bringing together talent, technology, and organizations, we create trajectory-changing outcomes that help everyone fulfill their ambitions and reach new levels of success.

Through lasting, meaningful relationships with world-class clients and best-in-class professionals, we make connections that continually improve the industries we serve. We aim to deliver an unrivaled experience, removing points of friction to ensure simple, easy, and effective ways of working that can’t be found elsewhere.

Today, we have the most complete service offering on the market, combining global scale with full-service capabilities. But we aren’t done yet. We’re always working to continually build our leading platform, staying one step ahead by augmenting our unique capabilities through continuous innovation. It’s how we lead the workforce and technology solutions industry into the new world of work.

What type of clients use Dexian services?

Dexian is dedicated to delivering superior experiences, and we’re always evolving our expertise. That said, we have a deep and expanding talent pool of technology, finance, and other professionals with knowledge of diverse industries and ambition to match their skills.

It’s why Fortune 500s, global leaders, and government agencies trust us to build their workforces and better their capabilities.

What industries does Dexian staff and recruit for?

The Dexian team immerses in your industry challenges, trends, and regulations to tailor our approach to finding talent for your specific needs. In fact, we thrive at serving people in these industries:

Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Communications, Insurance, Mortgage, Transportation, Energy, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, and Technology

Because we recruit, develop, nurture, and retain premier global talent across these industries, we can offer a guiding light to find experienced professionals who can transform your business for the better.

What is Dexian’s response time for filling a position?

Each placement is unique, but our world-class, standardized processes offer a launchpad for more efficient and effective placements. We quickly dig into your organizational needs, job requirements, and industry challenges to match you with an exceptional member of our talent pool. As we embrace ethical AI and improve workflows, we can deploy top talent in your open positions faster and with fewer disruptions.

How much do Dexian’s services cost for clients?

Premier candidates come with premium prices, right? Dexian works to continuously streamline processes and elevate results through smart automation, strategic outsourcing, and our advanced workforce solutions.You’ll find our ingenuity and transparency keep our value higher than your expenses.

Can Dexian provide references or case studies?

Absolutely! We take pride in building lasting relationships that feel worthwhile to individuals, teams, companies, and communities. As a result, people call attention to our integrity, authenticity, transparency, empathy, and ingenuity. Take a look at our case studies in our Resource Center or visit our contact page to request testimonials and cases studies that are relevant to you.

How long has Dexian been in the staffing and recruiting business?

Though Dexian launched in 2023, our story starts further back. By bringing together the capabilities of Signature Consultants and DISYS, we have created a staffing and recruiting powerhouse with 30 years of experience. You benefit from enterprise-grade processes, a nationwide network of high-quality diverse talent, and upskilling and training services to futureproof your workforce.

How does Dexian ensure the quality of candidates it presents? What pre-screening do you use?

Meaningful relationships are the center of our universe. Our recruiters take the time to learn about the skills, experiences, ambitions, and preferences of each candidate to enhance our contributions to teams, companies, and cultures.

With partners like HireLogic, we unlock automatic interview insights to empower your business to make smarter and faster hires. Working to understand the feelings, needs, and desires of candidates helps us maintain pipelines filled with the highest quality, diverse professionals.

What if I’m not happy with my candidate placement?

We don’t want there to be any friction in your next opportunity. Our recruiters collaborate with you from the very start to identify your ideal compensation, assignment length, working environment, and on-the-job challenges before we present you with any position. This helps us decrease the chances you’ll end up in a job that doesn’t make you happy. If you still end up dissatisfied, your recruiter will strive to remedy any issues before trying to find a better fit for your goals.

Ready to overcome today’s challenges to unlock tomorrow’s capabilities? Dexian can help you reach beyond the sky.