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Black Sky Thinking

Transcending what was.
And instead, imagining what could be.

A simple world can be navigated with conventional thinking. Solving standard challenges.
Charting clear pathways. Helping organizations to be more efficient and sometimes more effective.

However, ours is not a simple world. Instead, it’s a world full of uncertainty – where it’s difficult to navigate beyond what we can see. We’re constantly forced to venture into the unknown, without the skills needed to move forward with anything else but reckless abandon.

Conventional thinking is not an answer. We need a light to guide us through the fog. To show the way forward. To navigate the path into the unknown with confidence, even though we can’t see beyond the next turn.

For this, we need Black Sky Thinking – a transformational mindset that allows us to explore uncharted territories by unlocking the full potential of our collective imaginations.

Black Sky Thinking is not new. It was originally used to shape the exploration of space when no machine or human had ever ventured beyond our own atmosphere. Black Sky Thinking helped chart the unchartable course.

As we brought our two businesses together to create Dexian, it became very clear to us that Black Sky Thinking could be a solution for a much broader array of organizational uncertainty. We leveraged Black Sky Thinking to chart our own strategy and create new solutions to allow our clients to do things they’ve never been able to do before.

We’ve learned that Black Sky Thinking allows people to break free from the constraints of traditional patterns and foster the collective spirit of creativity, exploration and unconventional thinking. It allowed us to venture into new worlds with confident assurance. To envision bold, game changing solutions.

Black Sky Thinking helped us see the synergies to be gained by moving beyond transactional IT staffing into full-service staffing, work force solutions, upskilling, diversity & belonging and even IT infrastructure consulting. Conventional thinking would hold them as seemingly unrelated, but Black Sky Thinking helped us see the link to help.