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Meeting challenges through energy automation, productivity tools and application development, relieving the burden of regulatory compliance

Energy CTOs say keeping up with technology changes is a major challenge within the industry.

The maintenance of current legacy systems and the patchwork solutions implemented, pile on licensing fees that only temporarily solve existing IT problems. Combine latency system issues & new regulations and you have an IT department behind the curve.

In many cases, CTOs believe energy automation is the answer.


Dexian uses Operational Efficiency Tools & Energy Automation to create custom solutions, solving critical needs within the industry.


Dexian develops:

  • Energy Automation Processes through the Dexian Automation Center of Excellence (ACE)
  • Infrastructure Support Services to keep vital systems running smoothly
  • Application Development to gain efficiencies & manage dispersed teams
  • Business Intelligence to provide data that reinforces business decisions

Dexian Successfully Created an Outage Alert System

The client was experiencing continuous failures in their SAP system, resulting in a delay in analyzing protocols

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Dexian Successfully Develops iOS-Based Mobile Application

The client looked to simplify an existing application that calculates the tractive force required for drilling for oil and …

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Dexian Partners for Onsite Resources Deployment

The firm’s client needed a team of junior and senior Maximo consultants for locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, …

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Dexian Successfully Placed BI Experts with SAP Expertise

The client needed support in Europe for two downstream projects involving a TSW transport system (ISAS), and event management …

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