Can 2 Salesforce Features Skyrocket Sales and Deliver Unforgettable Experiences?

How do you make customer relationships and experiences painless? That’s the question Salesforce has been trying to answer since ...

How do you make customer relationships and experiences painless? That’s the question Salesforce has been trying to answer since its inception. If you’re a long-time user, you know how this platform has evolved to facilitate better lead management, opportunity tracking, and sales pipeline for businesses across industries. Moreover, they’ve built an entire customer sales, marketing, and service ecosystem—and it’s always evolving.  

Within the last few years, Salesforce has elevated the holisticness and efficiency of its suite of products with some leading-edge approaches. From integrated automation and artificial intelligence to DevOps-forward thinking and simplified testing, they have found ways to improve engagement across channels from first contact to deep in the relationship.  

If you’re looking for new ways of maximizing Salesforce within your organization, then make sure you learn about these features. Here are some new innovations we’re excited about employing to help businesses like yours enhance your Salesforce strategy.  

Salesforce Automation 

Sales and customer service are a matter of timing. If your business fails to align with customers’ needs or resolve their issues at the right moment, they’ll take their patronage elsewhere. The Customer 360 platform, with its many features, was created to streamline the full spectrum of customer interactions with seamless workflows and automation.  

One area is triggered campaign messages. This automated feature allows your sales or marketing team to take proactive and personalized action when a specific trigger event occurs. Not a new concept, but the AI-powered execution surpasses previous iterations.  

Using real-time data gathered from across channels and instantly inputted into your CRM, this automation can interact with customers in a variety of ways:  

  • Send out sales promotion emails when they engage with specific product pages. 
  • Follow up after customer service interactions to verify resolution and NPS scores. 
  • Deliver applicable content that builds upon what a specific customer has already read. 

With all these changes, your business needs to be able to trust in the accuracy, quality, and functionality of this comprehensive automation. For that reason, Salesforce also has prioritized test automation in its recent advancements. AI-assisted model testing within their suite of products expands test coverage, allowing for continuous improvements across workflows and campaigns. Including automated testing in your Salesforce strategy can save your team plenty of time and effort, accelerating the deployment of validated, high-quality customer-centric automation.  

Generative AI 

How can your people maximize their productivity? Lots of sales, marketing, and customer service activities don’t necessarily require what people do best: solving problems and thinking up creative solutions. They’re often routine steps that don’t require anyone to reinvent the wheel but follow an established script for success. When you can automate those steps, employees can focus on activities that truly require a human touch.  

Salesforce’s Einstein GPT is meant to help your people transform each customer’s experience at a hyper-scalable level. This generative AI tool allows your team to build tailored messages, workflows, and code based on the data within the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem. Here are a few examples of use cases for this large language model:  

  • Write instant sales messages that align with customer information, goals, and journey stages.  
  • Auto-generate nuanced responses to customer service interactions, drawing from past case note details. 
  • Customize marketing to boost customer engagement across communication channels. 
  • Create code for developers to help improve their efficiency and avoid errors.  

Working with the Right Partner 

Streamlining and enhancing Salesforce with these features will take work (we can’t quite automate the process). Though they’re intuitive once deployed, you need a team of Salesforce gurus to implement these new elements of the suite into your infrastructure. From our experience, even business leaders who are well-versed in Salesforce might not have the in-house staff to efficiently do so.  

In fact, finding your own team of qualified Salesforce professionals can be expensive, time-consuming, and risky. The good news is the right digital transformation partner can unleash the power and savings of your business along the way. The Dexian IT Solutions Salesforce Team as a Service (STaaS) solution offers a streamlined and painless way to unlock all these benefits for your business. Our team of over 250 highly qualified Salesforce consultants tap into proven accelerators that empower us to deploy these and other Salesforce products faster, better, and with clearly documented processes. 

For example, one of our clients was eager to unlock the full power of their Salesforce platform but lacked the in-house expertise to perform enhancements or essential ongoing maintenance. Their absence of testing guidance or knowledge of Salesforce best practices prevented them from making simple releases and updates. Recognizing these deficiencies, they chose to work with Dexian IT Solutions.  

We provided the client with a support and maintenance team to achieve those enhancements. Our team created a delivery plan, thorough documentation, an improved code base, and more to build the client a roadmap to test automation. This improved their time-to-feature, creating repeatable success that is maximizing Salesforce relationships to this day.  

Are you ready to start maximizing Salesforce within your organization? Reach out to our team for guidance enhancing your Salesforce strategy now and in the future. 


Are you ready to start maximizing Salesforce within your organization?
Reach out to our team for guidance enhancing your Salesforce strategy now and in the future.

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