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Can 2 Salesforce Features Skyrocket Sales and Deliver Unforgettable Experiences?

How do you make customer relationships and experiences painless? That’s the question Salesforce has been trying to answer since its inception. If you’re a long-time user, you know how this ... Read more
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4 Technology Trends Enhancing Efficiency, Accuracy, and Collaboration for CROs

For profitable contract research organizations, timing is everything. CROs that facilitate rapid and efficient release of new drugs and medical technology for sponsor businesses can claim a greater portion of ... Read more

Faster Real-Time Payments: How FedNow Can Revamp Financial Transactions

The dawn of a new era in payments has arrived. With the Federal Reserve's launch of the FedNow Service, financial institutions have access to the first, government-backed, instant-payment infrastructure in ... Read more
Case Study

Dexian Earns Platinum Status with Workforce Partner

Since 2016, Dexian had delivered application development and support for the client globally. Dexian had supported the development of the client's core platform, including unique client requirements to configure, write ... Read more
Case Study

Dexian Delivers Salesforce Training & Mentorship

Over time the client’s code had become layered, overly complex, and challenging to troubleshoot. Even simple tasks like collecting user input or creating sharing rules were burdensome to manage. The ... Read more
Case Study

Dexian Successfully Consolidated Event Management Systems

The client’s ServiceNow platform utilized multiple modules, applications and third party integrations. Customized legacy systems were creating event correlation pain. The difficulty pinpointing events and their causes led to delays ... Read more