Optimize Your Operations with Dexian ERP Consulting

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all ERP solution. The right system, expertly configured, can transform your business. But a “plug-and-play” approach won’t optimize growth, performance, operations, or employee experience.
Dexian ERP Consulting connects you with the experience and top talent needed unlock the full potential of your ERP system.

Here’s why Dexian is your trusted partner:

Customization is Key:
Our specialists configure, integrate, and customize your Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP, or Workday solution, aligning it perfectly with your business and financial goals.

The Right People for the Job:
We leverage our extensive talent pool and strong vendor partnerships to find local and global experts who can flawlessly customize and support your ERP solution.

Scalability and Cost Control:
With Dexian, you have the resources to scale projects efficiently, control costs, and maintain top-notch quality.

PeopleSoft ERP Consulting

PeopleSoft offers a robust suite of tools designed to streamline your human capital management (HCM) and financial management (FM) processes. However, achieving true value requires skilled professionals who can configure, integrate, and customize PeopleSoft to meet your specific needs.


Dexian Delivers Proven PeopleSoft Expertise

Our PeopleSoft specialists leverage deep product and industry knowledge to streamline HR, finance, and supply chain operations, boosting efficiency and productivity. Dexian ensures your PeopleSoft system is user-friendly and accessible, empowering your workforce and fostering a culture of self-service.

  • Proven talent network of PeopleSoft experts
  • Years of implementation support experience
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Customized and scalable solutions based on your project needs

Learn how our ERP Consulting team helped a healthcare system optimize PeopleSoft for their organization.

SAP ERP Consulting

No matter your size or industry, SAP offers a powerful suite of cloud platforms designed to propel your enterprise towards operational excellence. Dexian ERP Consulting helps your business achieve true value by offering your team expertise in configuration, implementation, and ongoing management.


Dexian Delivers Proven Results

Our SAP specialists bring deep product and industry knowledge to optimize finance, supply chain, logistics, HCM, sales, and analytics functions within your organization. We ensure your SAP infrastructure delivers the highest level of performance, stability, and user satisfaction, empowering your workforce.

  • 25+ years SAP implementation and support experience
  • Access to more than 50,000 pre-qualified SAP professionals
  • 250+ SAP client engagements

Learn how our ERP Consulting team supported a SAP S4 implementation for a client partner in global manufacturing.

Workday ERP Consulting

Workday is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform designed to streamline and optimize your entire operational cycle. Maximizing potential requires skilled professionals who can configure, integrate, and customize Workday to your specific needs.


Dexian Delivers the Workday Expertise You Need

As an official Workday Referral Partner , Dexian ERP Consulting offers a unique solution and maintains access to training, resources, and additional investments that can enhance our capabilities and your results. Our vast network of highly qualified Workday professionals across various industries boasts extensive product experience and in-depth industry knowledge.

  • Workday Referral Partner
  • 15+ years of successful implementation support
  • Cost effective pricing
  • World-class support

Learn how our ERP Consulting team supported a multi-product Workday implementation for a client partner in Higher Education.



Why Choose Dexian ERP Consulting?

Proven Track Record:
We have a decades-long history of delivering successful ERP implementations for our clients. Dexian is your go-to firm for top-tier ERP talent.

Nationwide Talent Network:
We maintain a vast network of pre-qualified ERP professionals across the US and beyond. We’ll find the perfect match for your industry and business needs.

24/7 Recruiting and Delivery Model:
We ensure rapid, on-demand delivery of prequalified consultants leveraging best practices to shorten time-to-hire and accelerate project completion.


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