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We are Dexian.

A leading provider of staffing, IT, and workforce solutions with nearly 12,000 employees and 70 locations worldwide. Dexian was created to represent the full scope of service offerings and solutions from DISYS, Signature Consultants, and other companies.

Our new name, Dexian, represents our commitment to applying dexterity at scale. We believe in the power of fusion – that when our full scope of brands, talent, clients, solutions, and innovations come together, we create trajectory-changing opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to set your career on a new trajectory, here’s where you need to start:

Train for the future of work
No matter where you currently are in your career, the fast-changing nature of technology means that there will always be more to learn. To help you stay up-to-date and to continue growing in your career, Dexian provides top-notch training opportunities including upskilling and reskilling through virtual learning, bootcamps and advanced workshops.

Develop a personalized career plan

To optimize your next career move, it’s best to have a concrete, well-thought-out plan, rather than simply bouncing from position to position. Your skills, your experiences, your talents and your ambitions are all unique to you, so your career path needs to reflect that, too. Specialist advisors at Dexian can help you with creating and executing your personal, bespoke career plan. You’ll receive agent-like support and career guidance, every step of the way, whether you’re looking for consulting opportunities or a permanent position.


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Find not just a job, but a position curated for you
To achieve success today, it’s not just about finding someone to fill a position — it’s about finding the right solution, curating the best talent and the best opportunities, to create the perfect fit. In order to reach your personal career goals, you’ll want to partner with a team that works with top-tier businesses as your trusted advisor — a team not only committed to finding you a job, but one that is also focused on delivering a bespoke fit for you, your career and for the company you’ll be working for.


Committed to doing good.

The Dexian brand builds upon the legacy philosophies of DISYS and Signature Consultants, both of which share a common goal of delivering value and results while “doing the right thing.”

As Dexian, our purpose is encapsulated in our new core message: “In the Business for Good.”

This message drives our two primary business goals:

To nurture and cultivate a strong pool of talent by guiding our consultants and helping them chart the best path towards achieving their objectives.


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To provide a platform with the most comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities available today to solve complex challenges and eliminate barriers.


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We are passionate about elevating our solutions, service, and industry beyond the blue and into the black sky to help our stakeholders reach new heights and achieve more than they ever thought possible. We look forward to sharing the benefits of that experience with you.

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