Data Analytics

Uncover Hidden Insights Faster with Dexian IT Solutions.   

With the stockpile of data at your disposal, finding cost-saving, high-value insights aren’t always easy or intuitive. Yet when you have a framework for data-driven analytics, your data points come together like constellations which can help you accelerate business milestones, optimize operations, and tap new sources of revenue.  


Dexian streamlines data analytics services and solutions through customized cloud-based tools, delivering valuable information regardless of your platform (cloud, on-premise, or hybrid).  

Turn Big Data into Smart Decisions:

Break down data silos: 
Consolidate information from various sources for a unified view.

Extract valuable insights: 
Advanced analytics uncover hidden trends and patterns.

Gain a competitive edge:
Make data-driven decisions and identify opportunities.

Ensure data quality:
Maintain clean and reliable data throughout its lifecycle.


Our Data Analytics Services and Solutions Include:


  • Data Architecture & Modeling: Design a robust foundation for your data ecosystem.

  • ETL Development: Efficiently extract, transform, and load your data.

  • Data Lake & Pipelines: Build a central repository and automate data movement.

  • Data Migration: Seamlessly move your data between platforms (cloud, on-premise).

  • Reporting & Visualization: Create clear and actionable insights.

  • Data Governance & Quality: Maintain data integrity and accuracy.

  • Advanced Analytics (AI/ML): Unlock powerful insights with cutting-edge techniques.

  • Monitoring & Support: Proactive monitoring and ongoing assistance.

  • Database Administration: Expert management of your data infrastructure.



Key Partnerships:

Why choose Dexian IT Solutions?


  • Flexible Deployment: Access skilled resources on-demand (Team as a Service model). 

  • Streamlined Reporting: Automated deployment of BI reports and dashboards (DevOps for Power BI). 

  • Efficient Cloud Migration: Proprietary tools (Reverse S2S Flake) for seamless cloud data transfer. 

  • Faster Data Migration: Automated metadata extraction for smoother transitions (Tableau & Power BI). 

  • Trusted Partnerships: Microsoft Azure Solution Partner (Data & AI) & Snowflake Select Partner. 


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