Nearshore Staffing Solutions

Optimize Your Technical Hiring With Dexian Nearshore Staffing Solutions 

Quality, cost, or communication: what are you willing to give up in your next staffing experience? With current talent shortages and rising expenses, many leaders are forced to consider which they can afford to forfeit. 

Dexian ensures every placement is a win, not a sacrifice. Our nearshore staffing solutions optimize your value and cost while providing responsive support at every turn. Harness the power of exceptional technical talent without breaking the bank. 



High-Value Innovation Begins Nearshore 

Similar Time Zones 

Looking for close collaboration and fast results?  Bridge productivity gaps with a nearshore support team and benefit from strong communication and quicker solutions with a team that can work on your schedule. 

Cultural Connection 

Go beyond borders, not understanding. Our nearshore talent pool provides culturally-aligned candidates who seamlessly integrate with your onshore teams, fostering trust and collaboration from day one. 

Cost-Effective Pricing 

Want to balance cost and quality? We’re providing a middle ground. Our nearshore team offers cost reductions while staying true to the high-touch experience our customers expect. You get the best of both worlds. 


Navigate Nearshore with Confidence.

Expanding your operations nearshore unlocks a wealth of talent and potential. But navigating the legalities of foreign labor laws can be daunting. Dexian’s foreign labor law expertise helps you avoid legal pitfalls and build a strong nearshore support team by keeping you aware of labor regulations to ensure a smooth delivery and onboarding experience.


Why Dexian  

Unmatched Nearshore Staffing Expertise 

With 20+ years of nearshore staffing experience, Dexian has developed a proven methodology around global talent acquisition and management. We know when to loop in local recruiters and centralized support to deliver highly qualified placements and accelerate your time to hire. 

Global Resources for Optimized Results 

Strengthen your workforce with international support. We can tap into the technical staffing expertise of over 2,000 recruiters across global offices—including nearshore locations in Brazil and Mexico—to meet or exceed your hiring goals. 

Enterprise-Level Support with Boutique Flexibility 

When your project demands are constantly changing, flexibility is key to optimizing costs. Dexian can accommodate your unique needs, allowing you to scale up and down with ease. 


Our Nearshore Success Stories

An international oil and gas company needed specialized SAP experts for multiple systems implementations but struggled to find them. Our nearshore recruiters not only found talent with oil and gas experience, but on time and in the defined budget. 

When an American multinational needed visibility into transactions that could cause SLA breaches, they turned to our nearshore team for results. Our well-vetted, rapidly placed candidates helped them create automated notifications to avoid unforeseen business and financial impact. 

Hire technical experts without sacrificing cost, quality, or communication. Contact Dexian.